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The celebration of #Halloween happens on 31st October on a yearly basis. It is usually linked with first Celtic tradition of adoring deadened ancestors and guardians. The celebration has Pagan roots. Distinctive Halloween outfits have ordinarily been creatures, vampires, witches and devils. It had been a Celtic belief that around the Trick or treat, spirits who hadn’t yet passed into the other world, may perhaps go back to the streets and bring down their old homes.

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GHOSTS We think that being a ghost would actually be pretty cool. Sure, it’s a bummer to be dead and all, but now you can walk around invisible and cruise through walls. Walking around with two handfuls of ghost food? Normally you’d have to put some down to get the doorknob, but not when you’re a ghost! Doors are a thing of the past for you now. We don’t know what we would do if we became a ghost. We’d probably start by having a little fun haunting people. We don’t know who we’d want to haunt though. Maybe the guy that took our parking spot that one time, or someone that leaves one or two seconds on the microwave timer when they use it. We could teach them a valuable lesson about where to park and how to use a microwave! FUN DETAILS This costume is a fun take on a ghost! It comes in the form of a white halter dress. The dress has black trim around the top and is detailed to look like there is a giant ghost’s face right on the front! While it might not look too spooky, it has a classic Halloween feel to it and it certainly looks stylish! For a little extra flair, we’ve also included the headband which has a large spooky themed bow on the front. All they will need to grab now are some shoes and a smile! WHO WOULD YOU HAUNT? If you were a ghost, who would you haunt? Doesn’t have to be a person, we suppose, it could be a place too! Maybe you’d want to haunt your work office, and scare the person that sits behind you and always chews their food way too loud. Or you could haunt your loud neighbors. When it comes to a good old-fashioned haunting, you can’t go wrong! Learn more…

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